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I was born into the dog world. My mother is a qualified vet nurse and the owner of the kennel prefix "Kadma" which is a very successful Weimaraner showing and breeding kennel, (and many years back, when there was more hours in the day they were extremely successful in the field, and in the obedience and agility ring). So within saying this I have always had a dog at my side.


I registeted my own kennel prefix in 1994 and bred my first American Cocker Spaniel litter. Since then I have very limitly bred 5 litters of American Cocker Spaniels, 6 litters of Shetand Sheepdogs, 1 litter of Weimaraners and 4 litters of German Shepherds.


I have been in the show ring since I was 7 years old and have handled a large majority of the breeds over the years, with many wins along the way.


All my dogs have great temperments and first and fore most are a very valued member of my family. 




I have always loved American Cocker Spaniels as a breed and I got my first Yank (Roseanne) from Delwyn and Murry Barnett (L'Trend Am. Cockers) when I was about 9 years old.


I have been involved with both solid and parti colours and bred multiple champions of both varieties. 



 I have fallen head over heels for this breed. Although being in the dog world my whole life Titan has taught me so much about drives and character as well as teaching me a lot about patients.



As at 1st January 2012 the Long Stock Coats have now been recognized as a seperate breed for Showing and Breeding and as I love coated breeds, this was the logical choice. I have majority long coats at home and I just cant wait to have some fun with them!!!



Aimee Wood

Brisbane Qld

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